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  • We are a husband-wife photography team located in West Philadelphia. We were married in 2009, and we share a love for God, for each other, for others, and for photography.

    We shoot primarily on-location, lifestyle photography, meaning we don't shoot within the confines of a studio, but come to you (your house, a park, etc.). We feel that this allows us to give you more real and more natural looking photos. We shoot engagement sessions, family sessions, child/newborn sessions, senior portraits, or just about anything else you could imagine. We would also love to photograph your event--a birthday party, church or company event, or anything else. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we'll work it out!

Angeli + Raj: Maternity Session

We had the privilege of meeting up with Angeli and Raj this past weekend for some maternity shots.  It was a beautiful, quiet Sunday morning (with amazing light!), and we started off the morning with some shots at Rittenhouse Square before moving indoors.

Congrats again, Angeli and Raj!  We know how excited you are to become parents!

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Kerith!

For my 27th birthday, back in November (yes, way back when), Jay got me a certificate for a hot air balloon ride. Why a hot air balloon?  I had put in on our first 3-year list back in 2010, and Jay decided to make my whim a reality. I can’t remember why I put it on the list. Maybe I had just re-watched “The Wizard of Oz”.

We decided to do a morning flight and instead of going in the dead of winter, we waited until warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, because of inclement weather, we had to reschedule two times, but it was definitely worth the wait!

We woke up at 4am on a Friday morning and headed out to meet our crew and watch them set up the balloon.

We were surprised that a 60ft balloon fit in that bag!
It was really neat seeing the set-up process. Several neighbors came out to watch also!
Getting the hot air in!

Almost ready for our ride!
Looking straight up into the balloon. 
One thing to know about me- I am very, very scared of heights. Not a huge fan of rollercoasters, got cold sweats on a ferris wheel, and here I am in a hot air balloon, 3500 feet above ground! I was able to contain my fear, but it was pretty nerve-wracking at first. Especially because the basket is so small, so the slightest shift in position feels like the basket is going to tip. After about 30 minutes, I was able to get over my fear and actually enjoy the view. (I just made sure to not look down) 
If you look really, really closely, you can see the Philly skyline in the lower left quarter.
Yup, that’s us!
On the way down, I asked the pilot where he landed, and he said “wherever I see  a spot.” So we ended up landing in this very nice family’s yard. There was a 87- year old lady who came out and was watching us, and as we came down, the pilot asked if she wanted a ride. So we hovered a few feet above the ground, Jay & I hopped out, while she hopped in and got a ride to the driveway. She had so much fun and you could just see the joy in her face. Made my day!
Overall, a fun adventure, but I was happy to have my feet back on solid ground.

Smuggler’s Notch

After our European adventures last summer, we decided to keep it stateside for our vacation this year. We haven’t been camping in a while, so we decided to explore the great outdoors and headed north to the Green Mountain State! Jay had only been in Vermont once overnight in college and I had never been. We fell in love with it pretty quickly and hope to return!

We stayed at Smuggler’s Notch State Park–a fantastic campground. It rained. Every. Single. Day (except our last night there), so we had to set up our campsite in the rain. I was about ready to throw in the towel after that miserable night. Fortunately, we had plenty of sunshine during the days.

Our homestead.

Jay made homemade firestarters. They worked great (when it wasn’t raining). 

Our first day there, we hiked up to Sterling Pond. 

The nearby town of Stowe is a huge ski town, so a lot of our hikes crossed over ski slopes at Stowe Ski Resort.  Also, I didn’t know that ski lifts look like this when they’re not covered with snow. 

We went kayaking and swimming at nearby Waterbury Reservoir.

We decided to take a day trip up to Montreal and had a great time exploring the city. Of course we had to sample poutine!

The steps to Mont Royal, the best view of the city. (it was a LOT of stairs!)
Part of McGill University.
Our last day there was our big hike. We hiked up Mt. Mansfield, to the Chin, which is the highest point in Vermont. It was a tough hike, with lots of rock climbing, but the view made it worth it.


Profanity trail was aptly named. It was no fun at all. 
A lot cleaner than Septa.  If you look carefully at the picture on the right, you can see the white blazes, indicating that the trail goes almost straight up that rock face.
We made it to the top!

A view of the Chin from the nearby and slightly lower Adam’s Apple.

Kerith relaxing before the trip back down.

The way down was very steep. You can see people below us on the trail 
We broke up the drive on the way home by taking a pit stop at Dartmouth. We wanted to compare Ivies. 
After being back in Philly for a week, we headed out again to our favorite B&B, Sweetwater Farm, for the weekend. We like to rough it, but then kick back and get pampered also. We had a lovely and relaxing weekend. 
Home sweet home. 

[Some of the shots in this post–mostly the ones with highly saturated blues and greens–were shot on Velvia 50 slide film rather than digital.  Scanning them did not do them justice (there’s a lot more detail in the slides), but I recently acquired a slide projector and would love to show you the actual slides if you’re in Philly!]


I’ve been growing my hair out for a long time. A very long time. I’ve always thought that donating it would be neat, but never had the patience to grow it out, mainly because of the ridiculous thickness of my hair. Then this video made me cry, and changed my mind.  I put it on our first 3-year list (back in 2010), but didn’t accomplish it, so added it again to our second 3-year list at the beginning of 2013. I was going to wait a little bit longer before cutting it, but it’s just been too hot for my mane. So I went to the salon today and chopped it, then sent it off to Pantene for their beautiful lengths donation. Just in time for Philly’s latest heat wave.

Pre: (excuse my zombie eyes- we were up late at a drive-in movie theater the night before).


Making it official and checking it off the list!

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Spring Break 2013: St. Louis

Another belated post! But that’s okey, because we like to build suspense. So without further ado, here are pictures from our trip to St. Louis over Jay’s spring break.

We left sunny Texas and after a short plane ride, we were greeted by snow on the ground in Missouri! The very small tan that we got in Texas disappeared very quickly in STL! We had a great time exploring the city, eating delicious food, and hanging out with my sister & brother-in-law.

The most recognized landmark in St. Louis: The Arch.

Panera actually started out at St. Louis Bread Co. Who knew?

Exploring downtown. The outdoor sculpture garden
The zoo (and lots of museums) in St. Louis are free!!
Annelise and Nick introduced us to hot pot! We liked it so much that I got Jay a hot pot for our anniversary.
Washington University
City Museum. Not a museum at all. Pretty much a jungle gym for all ages.
City Museum also has an aquarium of sorts. It houses a lot of exotic animals that used to be people’s pets.
Underwater tunnel. 
The seaturtle had an injured mouth that made it hard for him to survive in the wild. Look at those intense eyes!
More jungle gym. I couldn’t handle the height, but Jay was more adventurous. 
If you’re in STL- go to Bogart’s! Amazing BBQ.
An underground cave to explore. Yup, never done that before!
Our barge tour. Takes the phrase ‘darkness’ to a whole new level. 
Cover band in the cave. Interesting acoustics!