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Zach + Margie = Baby!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to photograph our first maternity shoot. We met Zach & Margie at school and they’re both nurses in the Philly area (go RNs!) They’re expecting their first child in just a few short weeks. We met up in Clark Park and had a fun time hanging out with […]

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My little sister, Gloria, stayed with us this past weekend. We did lots of cooking- waffles, cinnamon rolls, pizza… yum! We went to a carnival last year, and this year it happened to fall on the weekend that Glo was with us. We had beautiful weather all last week and were looking forward to spending […]

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{posted by Kerith} I look forward to the first day of spring all year. Why? Because it means warmer weather is coming? Well, yes, but it also means FREE RITA’S! If you don’t know what Rita’s water ice is, you are really missing out. Come visit us and we will fill you in on the […]

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Russ + Aimee: Engaged

{posted by Kerith} It’s still sinking in for me that my little brother is getting married.  I remember when we used to ride mattresses down the stairs and have wrestling matches. One time we put a 9-year-old-body-sized hole in the stairwell. Oops. Our dad was not amused. Russ was a late talker and babbled a […]

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Yesterday was March 14, which is Pi Day!! (3/14… get it?) So what better way to celebrate than to make pie!! Yummmm!    

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