Monthly Archives: October 2011

The list: u2

(posted by Kerith) I acquired my love of u2 from my two older brothers. I grew up listening to them and also hearing my brother’s stories about how incredible their concerts are. They’ve gone to 5!! The closest I ever got to seeing them live was when Bono spoke at Penn at a humanitarian conference. […]

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2.5 years & 2 days

Tuesday was our 2 1/2 year wedding anniversary! This week’s been pretty busy, so I decided to surprise Jay with Insomnia cookies! We used to get them on late night study dates. So we split 5 cookies, 2 1/2 each. Love you, hubs!    

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A new type of decorating?

The other day I (Kerith) came home from work and walked into the kitchen to this sight: At first I thought Jay had hung some new decorations in the kitchen. But upon close inspection, I realized that these were not decorations, but in fact…   they were Jay’s TOMS shoes. He had washed them and […]

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The list- iLove

I grew up in a family that uses Macs. I was pretty psyched when I (finally) got Jay to accept that Macs are better than PCs (cha! not that there’s even a comparision!) So naturally, we would want iPhones. Unfortunately, both Jay and I have Verizon and weren’t willing to switch to AT&T just to […]

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