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If you know me (Kerith), you know that I *heart* lists. I’m the type of person who makes lists for EVERYTHING and yes, I will add something I’ve already completed onto my list just so that I can cross it off.Instead of leaving the hubby love letters in the morning before I leave for work, I leave lists. (The love letters are reserved for his lunchbox.)

Right before New Year’s 2010 (yikes, that was a while ago!), Jay suggested that instead of making New Year’s resolutions, we should make a to-do list for the next three years. He got the idea off of a photography blog that we follow. She was doing 101 things in 2010, so we tweaked the idea a little bit. For the next couple of weeks, Jay and I both made up individual lists of 75 goals, dreams, to-dos, etc etc that we could accomplish in the next 3 years. These range from the mundane to the extreme (sky-diving, what? just kidding… I value my hubby’s life too much). We’ve been steadily checking these 150 things off the list and thought it would be fun to share them! Some of our items overlap, so we probably won’t have a full 150 things, but hey, that’s okey!

We posted our lists on the fridge so we have a constant reminder to work on the list. It’s fun to watch people’s response to the list when they read it. Different things jump out to different people.

Sidenote- these things aren’t in any sort of order or rank. So we won’t be posting them in any particular order. We’ll be doing some catch-up posts since we’re already almost 2 years into this project!

The lists in the flesh (upper left corner) Try to ignore my very cluttered fridge and the low-quality of the iphone pix. I was feeling waaaay too lazy & didn't want to get the camera out.

So without any further ado:: The first post from the lists!

This one was a “biggie”. Jay’s list read : “Get a dog”, while mine said “Get a pet”. Well, we did both on April 26, 2010. That’s the day we brought our 3-legged wonderpup Ellie home. Jay and I both grew up with dogs, so we knew even before we got married that we would want a dog someday. We said that we would wait at least a year after our wedding before getting a dog. Well, we waited a year… and one day.

We don’t have kids yet, so we’re pretty crazy about our dog. And she’s pretty crazy. She tries so hard to talk to us…. seriously. If anyone ever invents those collars from “Up” that let dogs talk we are SO getting one!

Here’s Ellie!!


She’s pretty awesome and loves making new friends. We apologize in advance if she jumps on you. We’re still working on that one.

You can read an recap of our first year with Ellie here.


Stef - September 22, 2011 - 8:36 pm

I’m glad I’m not the only one who leaves lists on the counter and love letters in the lunch box :) Speaking of lists…visiting Philly is on my list of things to do soon!

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